“I would like to order three decks of cards: two to put into the middle of the table at both work and home, and one to leave on my estranged girlfriend’s doorstep.”

“I bought these cards for my husband, but realized after reading them first, that I needed to share them with him. He’s not the only one. Thank you for this awakening.”

“We use these for our communication skills classes. Soon as people start reading them, you can hear people gasping and groaning all over the room when they recognize their bad listening habits described in the cards. They [the Listening Cards] are a real eye opener.”

“We ordered some for the employee break room. We need to order three more decks and secure them to the table because the ones we put out were all stolen.”

"My boyfriend was given the cards a year ago by a dear lady friend and he has read and put many great listening habits into practice. We just started dating about a month ago and I was frankly astonished-and delighted- to meet a man who practices consciously listening, to not just me-but everyone he meets:) I found the cards on his kitchen table and have "stolen" them and begun reading them myself. I have shared what I have learned with some friends and relatives already and I myself have felt so impacted by them already. Sometime just carrying them in my purse, makes me more aware of my listening habits and I catch myself in certain ruts without even opening up the pack...it's like I can feel them burning a hole in my pocket so to speak;) I am mostly struck with the conviction without guilt that I feel when reading/re-reading them. It creates a different space for me to approach people and difficult situations. Just that one phrase, "I am listening.", has already impacted my relationships. Most recently with my mother, with whom I have had a strained relationship, thanked me in an email last night for "listening to her" recently."