A "listening salon" is basically an on-going opportunity to practice one's listening skills, get feedback, and to get listened to. Salons are preceded by a two-hour Listening from the Inside Out workshop in the weeks before. 

Our intent is to help folks in their neighborhoods, churches, businesses, libraries (Check our NEWS below) and schools establish listening salons as an on-going place for people to get better at listening and for people to go when they need to really be heard by a neutral party. 

Listening is the single skill that makes the difference between a mediocre and a great company.
— Lee Iacocca

Format of Listening Salons

  • After people have been trained in listening, they come together to practice listening and to be listened to. At the appointed time, people are paired up, and take turns being the listener and the speaker. After each person shares, they take time to give feedback to the person who listened to them verbally, and, if they want, checking off the "Check Sheet for Good Listening" that is available to them. The Listener has to request this.  
  • Sometimes people come who have not been trained in listening. We have volunteer "Core Listeners" who can listen to them. 
  • Over the course of an hour and a half, people will be paired up with three different people for Listening Rounds (if they want to stay with the person they began with, they may).
  • When it is a person's turn to speak, they can share whatever is on their minds--an idea, a problem, a decision, their calling, etc.--- and have another learner really listen.
  • During each "round" folks first introduce themselves and tell something about themselves (they are given teasers to help them along). Then they each share and listen, in turn. They may share anything they want to share, how their day went, a frustration, a decision they have to make, something they are angry about, an idea, a hope. The listeners, who just listen, not provide advice or their own story, reflect back, ask questions to help the speaker access their own thoughts, and allow silence instead of interrupting or filling it. The speaker is given the gift of sharing without someone else's personality getting mixed up in it.
  • Afterwards, listeners have the option of receiving some feedback from their partners about how they listened and what they might need to work on. They will also be given a question the person who shared wanted to be asked or was asked that really helped them access their own wisdom.

In September, 2015 Listening Planet begins a Listening Salon at the downtown Fort Vancouver Regional Library! Check our calendar and "LIKE" our Facebook page to get notices. Contact us if you want to participate.