The Listening Cards


The Listening Cards

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From June 10 to June 30, The Listening Cards are on sale for $15 to celebrate the launching of this site and the birthday on June 30 of Marcia McReynolds, a.k.a. The Listening Lady. Buy some for your friends (or that person who needs to learn to listen better!)

The Listening Cards are a simple primer for improving listening skills easily for teachers, communication skill teachers and professors, mediators and mediation trainers, managers, HR trainers, pastors, counselors, sales people, religious education leaders, politicians and anyone who values good personal and business relationships.

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  • Do you wish to improve your listening skills without a lot of reading, just skip to the chase?
  • Do you need a good teaching tool when training others in listening skills?
  • Do you want to give a helpful hint to employees, volunteers, family or friends that they need to improve their listening skills?
  • Do you wish to give a gift, say for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, that keeps on giving?