We help you improve your listening skills, your ability to reduce and resolve conflicts, and your creativity and resiliency capacities. These workshops are for you, your employees and co-workers, your volunteers, your family and friends, your neighbors, your fellow worshippers... Contact us to inquire and/or "LIKE" our Facebook page for announcements.  


Marcia McReynolds will come to your church, business, neighborhood, home, etc. to teach groups from 8 to 30 people. We also hold public trainings; check our calendar and/or contact us to get on our list. 

Listening From the Inside Out: (3 options)

  • Basic 2 hour workshop which includes skills and habits to limit, guided layered practice, inner aspect of listening, guiding precepts and philosophy of listening.   $200
  • Comprehensive 6 hour workshop, which includes deep listening skills, layered practice, philosophy of deep listening, body language, listening across cultural and style differences, listening through anger, and listening to resolve conflict.  $600
  • Build Your Own workshop. Can do a workshop with any of the above components and/or with special topics pertinent to your specific needs, such as specific workplace or family communication issues, particular style differences, group dynamics and discussion.  $600

LifePlay; Creativity, Resiliency and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Basic 2 hour workshop with games and activities formulated to build creativity and resiliency capacities, community, self-awareness, and increase relaxation, sense of play and laughter. $200 group. $20 individuals. 
  • Comprehensive 6 hour workshop beginning with Basic Listening, developing resiliency capacities, and applying the skills to specific real life situations clients have. $600 group. $50 individuals. 

Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Environments

  • Guerilla Mediation. Unpacking the core of conflict-creation, addressing our own part first, making effective approach to and resolving conflicts, simple and complex  in an organic, natural way. 8 hours. $800 group. $60 individuals.   
  • Mediation for Managers. We teach you ways to head conflict off at the pass by the way you manage, how to help employees resolve their conflicts, and to help you when you are having an issue with an employee, or an employee with you. Six 2 hour classes. Check calendar for schedule and contact to request notification when we hold this workshop.  $200


I am a deep listener who listens in such a way as to return you to your own wisdom. Often when we are overwhelmed we have a hard time sorting the pieces out or hearing our own inner voice and just need someone to listen, not therapy. I do not analyze, advise, judge or pontificate. I can help you hear yourself.  $50/hour.