Listening IS Loving

When we listen, we are entering into the domaine of love. Listening is one of the primary actions of loving. To deeply listen we have to make the person in front of us, or the bird, or the piece of music, whatever it is we are listening to, the most important being in the world in that moment.

We put aside our petty grievances or busy-ness, and enter into the Present Moment, a bubble in which only we reside together. We protect this space with our undivided attention. We draw forth the other's inner being with our open questions. We open our senses to take in their feelings (but not take them on). We let go of our own agenda and follow theirs, unthreatened, allowing. We go with their flow.

We can give this love to those close to us, or a stranger on the bus in passing. We become love itself when we live in a state of deep listening.
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