Allowing for Silence


You're out in a wide field just covered with fresh snow. Or you're lying out away from city lights under the stars. Or you're the only one awake in the house in the quiet hours before sunrise.

Imagine yourself in one of those places. Take a moment....

What do you feel inside you? What's happening in your head? silent.

Hold onto this feeling now as you imagine someone talking to you, sharing their story with you perhaps. Imagine listening silently with this wide-openness, holding space for them to be fully who they are with you. Imagine them going silent, going within to connect words with feeling, and you remaining silent, allowing them a universe of time to express themselves authentically, encouraged by your witness.

Imagine another holding that silent space for you, listening intently but not interrupting, letting you be who you are, watching you discover yourself.

Imagine what we might be able to offer the world if we were given the silent, encouraging witness we need to express our fuller selves.

~~Marcia McReynolds, Listening Planet

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