Anger is a lack of understanding.

Listening Planeteers Listening Lessonette #3

"Anger is a lack of understanding," said Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk who Martin Luther King nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. He goes on to explain that when we are angry there is usually something we do not understand, about the other person, the situation, or even ourselves.

Many conflicts arise out of mis-understandings, differing perspectives and assumptions. We believe what we think, seldom dropping our pride enoughto see if what we are blaming others for is the truth, or at least the whole truth. The world is a vast, complex place, outside and inside of us. There is ALWAYS something we don't know.

When we are angry, instead of it being a sign we should yell at or blame someone, next time let's see what happens when we ask "What don't I know? What am I assuming? Might there be another way of seeing this situation that is equally valid to my present way of seeing things?"  ‪#‎listeningplanet‬ ‪#‎listeningplaneteers‬